Green, leafy herb originating from the Mediterranean. Two types: Curly and Italian Flat Leaf (more fragrant) parsley.

Health Benefits

  • Rich source of antioxidants: helps to prevent cell aging and damage.
  • Contains vitamin C: improves immune function and reduces risk for colon cancer, diabetes, asthma, and arthritis.
  • Folic acid in parsley is essential in cardiovascular health and cell division.
  • Vitamin K aids in blood clotting and bone health.


  • Fresh parsley is more flavorful, nutrient-rich, and better absorbed by the body than dried parsley.
  • Look for crisp, green leaves free of yellow spots or wilt.
  • Parsley is easily grown at home, and is a biennial. In the midwest it will need to be planted each year.
  • To store, place in airtight plastic bag in the refrigerator.

How to Use

  • As a garnish for soups, salads, mashed potatoes, sauteed vegetables, and pasta.
  • Seasoning on proteins (chicken, fish, shellfish, lamb, beef).
  • In sauces or dips like hummus, salsa verde, and pesto.
  • Add to omelettes, scrambled or fried eggs.

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