Health Benefits

  • Acai contains antioxidants that promote a healthy cardiovascular system, healthy skin, and can help protect cells from free radicals.
  • Acai contains antioxidants that can detox the body and dietary fiber that can promote a healthy digestive system.
  • May increase energy levels.
  • Phytochemicals (plant-made chemical compounds) found in the acai berries may promote anti-aging effects.
  • Acai has weight loss properties due to increased metabolism and appetite suppression in some individuals.


  • If you don’t live in South America where the berry is found, finding acai in fresh whole-berry form is difficult due to how quickly the berry can go bad.
  • You can buy acai freeze dried, which means the berry pulp is quickly frozen and dehydrated. This is most commonly found in capsules or in pulp powders. The berry can also be found frozen into a puree.
  • Always buy ORGANIC acai products, as these will be a higher-quality product and will contain the most nutrients. Be sure to check for any added sugars or preservatives when shopping for acai products. You want the purest form of the berry in order to get the most health benefits!

How to Use

Acai is a purplish berry found in South America that can be used in smoothies, juiced, acai puree, and acai bowls (topped with seeds, fruits, and nuts).

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