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As owner of Chews-Your-Health, Amanda Lucas has provided corporate wellness coaching for the 17 staff of Missouri Rural Water Association for nearly a year.

I have found Amanda to be extremely knowledgeable, capable, and personable to work with matters relating to wellness and helping people guide themselves to the best health obtainable. Amanda’s knowledge is extremely impressive, but when it is paired with her passion and personality then her ability in this field is unsurpassable!

Additionally, one will find Amanda has an uncanny ability to take the overcomplicating of wellness and good health and relate it to anyone, thus helping anyone with feeling competent that good health and feeling well is just common sense away and is truly obtainable.

I highly recommend Amanda Lucas.

Randy Norden

Executive Director, Missouri Rural Water Association

Since we have been using Amanda’s services as a health coach, she has positively affected our work force in a way that before we used her, we were highly skeptical of everyone “buying in”. I believe the success our workforce has achieved is due to her ability to reach her clients in a personal way and her common sense approach to improving one’s health. Amanda truly cares about all of her clients and just by working with her, it’s easy to realize that instantly.

Keith Smith

Office Manager, Public Water Supply District #9, Boone County

Amanda is very knowledgeable in many aspects of wellness. Since Amanda has started working with our company our attendance is up and overall morale is improved. Healthy employees feel better; employees that feel better work better; employees that work better are more productive and happier; employees that are happier get along better with other employees.
Roger Ballew

District Manager, Public Water Supply District #9

Amanda first of all gave me a clear, easy to understand analysis of my biometrics at our first meeting. She recommended strategies for changing my eating habits and exercise program. She recommended changes that were simple and easy to implement. She was also very accessible with any questions that I had. I’m happy to report that I have lost over 15 pounds and I feel much better since implementing the strategies that Amanda recommended. The reduced weight has made my exercise program much easier to perform. I’m very grateful for the program that my employer made available with Amanda.
Dennis Baggett

Naught-Naught Agency

Lowered my Triglycerides 618 points and my Cholesterol 27 points, and lost 16 lbs. My wife lost 13 lbs just eating like we were told to eat, and going by food plan.

Employee, Capital Region Medical Center

I can say that my triglycerides have been cut in half, I have more energy, and I sleep more soundly. I have fewer headaches and stomach aches. My children are becoming more educated and making healthy food choices. They say I’m the best cook in the world! I’ve been able to spend more time outside with the boys playing catch, or riding bikes when I didn’t have the energy or real desire to do so before. My thinking is clearer and I feel less “fuzzy-headed.” I’m thankful for this opportunity, and very much looking forward to this lifestyle becoming second nature and resulting in prime health!

Employee, Capital Region Medical Center

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