Good Leadership Makes Employee Health a Priority

Leadership is the art of applying decision-making to solve problems and promote organizational change. In business settings, the impact of leadership typically involves a focus on change associated with marketing, sales, customer service, etc. In addition to focusing on business outcomes, leaders also spend a lot of time focused on the people that work for them. With employees serving as a core to the organization’s success, why do many leaders not make the health of their staff a higher priority?

What About the Health of the Leadership?

One of the many challenges leaders face is how to balance taking care of themselves as a leader as well as taking care of their employees. The old adage, “you can’t take care of someone else until you care for yourself” holds true in business settings just as much as it does at home. An aspirational business model is one where the well-being of employees is promoted, supported and embraced just as much as the outcomes and financial success of the business. People in leadership roles have an obligation to move the organization and its people in new directions and nothing makes employees more motivated than knowing that company leadership has a genuine concern for their well-being. But what about the health and well-being of the decision maker in all of this… what about the business leader?

Effective Wellness Programs Help Leaders and Their Employees

With well documented connections between employee wellness and business productivity, optimizing employee wellness is an ever-increasing priority. The goal is to create a “win-win” where leadership and employees show improved health and wellness while the company realizes increased productivity, sales, and customer retention. To implement such a plan, leaders must begin to take care of themselves AND demonstrate a commitment to the physical and mental well-being of their staff. Employee Wellness Programs can assist both the leader and employees and the benefits are far reaching.

Chews Your Health Tailors Programs for the Entire Company

A Wellness Coach becomes a key figure in addressing the unique needs of company leadership and employees. The stressors of life are challenging for everyone, but job-specific roles affect people in different ways. Effective Company Wellness Programs allow for an individualized approach to shaping physical and mental well-being. Chews Your Health, LLC is a mid-Missouri integrative health coaching company that has expertise in tailoring programs for business leaders and company employees. Helping leaders become role models for wellness is a great strategy to encourage employees to improve their physical and mental health. Navigating substantial lifestyle change can be overwhelming without the support and tutelage of a Wellness Coach. Leaders in particular, face substantial challenges due to the unique stressors associated with their role. The skills of a personal health coach allow for individualized attention with consideration for each person’s role in the company, together with an understanding of each unique life situation. The best outcomes will be realized when leaders take greater control of their own well-being while making commitments to better serve the health of the people around them.

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