Clinical Studies Show If You Are Not Sleeping Consistent Hours Daily You May Experience The Following:

  • Memory Loss
  • Poor Performance
  • Weight Gain
  • Look older
  • Grouchy mood, and some associated with depression
    (National Institute of Health, American Academy of Sleep Medicine)

Can you make the commitment to spend TWO WEEKS of going to bed at the same time and waking at the same time? Not playing catch up? There are over 80 defined sleeping disorders, 60 million Americans suffer from poor sleep, and there are only 6-8000 reported providers which are sleep specialists.

Everyone Has Their Own Circadian Clock

Circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle, responding primarily to light and darkness in an organism’s environment, AND per Mosby’s medical dictionary ‘…especially the repetition of certain physiologic phenomena, as sleeping and eating’.

Circadian Rhythms Have Been Associated With The Following:

  • Influence sleep-wake cycles
  • Hormone release
  • Temperature regulation of body
  • Allergies
  • Other body functions . . .

Before You Pop A Pill…

OR drink a bottle, and for some take a hit of an illegal ‘something’ please EMPOWER yourself to the challenge of setting a specific time to go to sleep, and awaken (YOU know yourself better than anyone else . . . ) FOR TWO WEEKS. Make notes. Make Change. As always here at CYH, we do not advise changing ANY medical regimen without consulting with your provider!

The link provided is a local sleep specialist practitioner who is currently taking new patients.
Jeremy C Johnson, DO – Internist in Jefferson City, MO

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